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About Pakistan Expo Centres

Pakistan Expo Centres Private Limited is a corporate entity with the shareholding of Federal Government of Pakistan and Provincial Governments. The mandate of the company is to develop and manage Expo Centres in major cities of Pakistan with the objective to promote various sectors of economy through trade exhibitions, consumer fairs and conferences. Expo Centre Lahore was the first project of the Company, which is successfully doing its operations since 2010 and now the company is engaged in the development of another Expo Centre at Peshawar whereas the work for Expo Centre for Quetta has also been initiated.

Lahore International Expo Centre is a purpose built facility for the following type of events:

  • Trade Exhibitions
  • Consumer Fairs
  • Seminars, Conferences & Conventions
  • Convocations
  • Workshops & Trainings
  • Corporate Events
  • Cultural Carnivals