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Exhibition Halls > HALL 03


Exhibition Area of Hall:

Total Ground Floor Area: 4000
Area with clear height of 35 ft. 2928
Area under mezzanine with 13 ft. 972
Total: 4000
Approximate Shell Scheme Stalls:
(3x3 = each)

Other Facilities in Hall:

Meeting Rooms 02 Nos.
Event Organizer Offices 02 Nos.
Conference Rooms 02 Nos.
Washrooms 18 Nos. (Ground Floor)
12 Nos. (Mezzanine Floor)


Rate for raw space during Event DaysRs. 150,000 per hour
or Rs. 1,200,000 per day
(Day = 8 Working Hours)
Rate of raw space for Build-up & Dismantling daysRs. 10,000 per hour

Allied Services for Event days:

  • Installed Lighting
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Full power back up
  • Cleaning after build up and during event days
  • Security including Metal Detectors, Walk through gates & Baggage Scanners
  • Surveillance through CCTV Cameras
  • Public Address System
  • Parking Management
  • Help Desk
  • Lost & Found Counter
  • First Aid Room in operational mode
  • Cafeteria in operational mode
Length of Halls: 100.00M

Width of Halls:


Total Height of Halls:


Hall floor covering:

Concrete Flooring

Permissible vertical load: There are ten rafters 9m apart and on each rafter there are seven suspension points. Thepermissible vertical load on each point is 40 kg.

Cargo Gates:

Quantity: 02
Main Cargo: 7.62H x 4.45W (in meters)
Mini Cargo : 4.1H x 3.0W (in meters)

Visitors Gates:

Quantity: 03
Dimension of each gate:
2.14H x 8.0W (in meters)

Climate Technology:

Summer Dry Bulb: 23.5o C-25.5C
Summer RH Bulb: 50%-60%

Winter Dry Bulb: 22.5o-23.5oC
Winter RH: 20-30 %

Utilities Available
on each Stall:

Pneumatic Air

Systems Available
in the Halls:

Heating, Ventilation & Air Condition System
Full power backup System
Fire Security System
Public Address System

Services Available
in the Halls:

Cleaning Services
Security Services
Fire Security

Facilities Available
in the Halls:

04 Meeting Rooms at Mezzanine Floor
02 Conference Room at Mezzanine Floor
Cafeteria at Mezzanine Floor
Coffee Shop at Mezzanine Floor
First Aid Room at Mezzanine Floor
At ground floor:
For Gents: 8
For Ladies: 6
At Mezzanine floor:
For Gents: 9
For Ladies: 3

Facility for Event Organizers:

Backup Office available with:

Not Available